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hard work and creativity is what drives us

TRILOTAC was driven to create the best paracord watch bands in the world. With over 300+ law enforcement officers in the United States of America to the hundreds of civilians in Australia, TRILOTAC is the brand people go to for paracord watch bands.


TRILOTAC watch bands was created to fill the gap in high quality paracord bands. There were many flaws in the bands offered everywhere like the machine woven bracelets, plastic buckles, and cord over the pins. Here at TRILOTAC we came up with a solution, why not create an adapter to accommodate paracord without needing the actual watch on hand.


TRILOTAC watch bands can be fastened to your watch case with the use of a standard pin or screw. No weaving the paracord around the pins which creates a weak and binding connection, as all other available paracord watch bands do. Made from 100% genuince high quality 550 paracord and 6061 machined aluminum adapters.


We initially created adapters by hand with leather. Our design was further improved by coming up with the 1061 aluminum CNC machined paracord adapters. The latest design offers a universal fit. We are constantly pushing the boundary on what is available on our bands, from skulls, spartan shields, to fishing line and LED flashlights.



We set the bar above all paracord companies by incorporating high end dive clasps, which are seen on luxury watches. These high end materials include our 1061 aluminum paracord adapters, jump rings, 550 nylon paracord, and stainless steel clasps, which combine to create the best paracord watch bands out there.


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